Pescara is the most populated city in Abruzzo. Located on the Adriatic coast at the mouth of the Aterno-Pescara River, the present-day municipality was formed in 1927 joining the municipalities of the old Pescara fortress (the area of the south branch of the river) and Castellamare Adriatico (the area along the north branch of the river).

Despite its relatively small size, Pescara old town is a true gem. Its main streets are Corso Manthoné, via delle Caserme and via dei Bastioni (the latter follows the same path as the ancient Roman road connecting Pescara to Rome), while Piazza Garibaldi is the heart of the old town. Here, in a 500 m range, visitors may find three gorgeous museums (the Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo; Gabriele D'Annunzio's birthplace museum; and the Cascella Museum, which contains a gorgeous collection of Abruzzese paintings from the XIX and XX century), archaeological sites (ex. Santa Gerusalemme, a medieval church built on top of a Roman temple), the cathedral of Saint Cetteo, as well as amazing restaurants serving traditional local cuisine.

Pescara is served by Abruzzo Airport (, 5 km west of the city. A direct bus service connects Abruzzo Airport to Pescara Central station (coaches nos. 8 and 38, one every 20 minutes, by TUA bus company). The journey time is 10 minutes. Abruzzo Airport has direct flight connections to Brussels-Charleroi (Charleroi Airport), London-Stansted (Stansted Airport) and Dusseldorf-Weeze with Ryanair. These flights weekly timetables may vary according to the season (some are only activated in the period from April to October), so we recommend checking the airport website or the Ryanair one directly when planning your travel.


The Museum was established in 1973 as a result of initiatives on the part of Archeoclub (Pescara) and A.S.T.R.A. (Association for the Study of Traditions in Abruzzo) aimed at staging the permament exhibition entitled 'Mostra Archeologica Didattica Permanente'. The Museum traces back the history of man in Abruzzo from his first appearance as a Paleolithic hunter highlighting the contribution of 9 Italic tribes from Abruzzo and Molise in establishing ancient Roman civilzation.

The Museum is located in the historical centre of Pescara within the ancient buildings of the Bourbon barracks. The permanent collection is hosted in the basement of what was once a fifteenth-century fortress.

Coaches nos: 3, 38 , 21, 10


Museo Delle Genti d'Abruzzo

Via delle Caserme 24 , 65127 Pescara


Esplanade ****

Piazza I Maggio, 46 - 65122 Pescara 

Hotel Carlton **** 
Viale della Riviera, 35, 6512 

B&B Hotel Pescara   ***
Piazza Duca D'Aosta, 4 -  65121  Pescara

Hotel Ambra Palace  ***
Via Quarto dei Mille, 28 - 65122 Pescara

Best Western Hotel Plaza ****
Piazza del sacro cuore, 55 - 65122 Pescara

 B&B Terrazze Dannunziane 
Viale G. Marconi, 375 - 65126 Pescara  

B&B Jolie
Via Fedra, 27 - 65129 Pescara 

B&B Le Stanze Sul Corso 
Corso Umberto I, 55 - 65122  Pescara

B&B La Dimora del Conte
Corso Umberto I 55/4 - 65122  Pescara

Piazza Garibaldi
Piazza Garibaldi
Cascella museum
Cascella museum